Utility Surveys

This technology provides us the knowledge of the hydraulics networks details (water supply, sewage network, rainwater network, etc …) and othe various services (gas network, electricity network, telecommunications network, etc …).

The data collection is mainly concerned with the network layout, materials, measures, characteristics, etc … At the same time, geo-referencing is performed through precise positioning methods.

Through these combined data the network model can be integrated in a GIS project according with the current work standards and client’s data structure specifications. GIS is a tool which allows us (in easier way) to consult, edit and update so the monitoring and management of the existing network can be carried out.



  • PAS 128 standard compliance
  • Non-Invasive Underground survey
  • Ground Penetrating Radar Data detail evaluated & scrutinised
  • Overlay proposed design solutions
  • Manhole and Photo Schedules
  • Results can be fed into 3D & BIM software