Topographic Surveys – Land Surveys

Topographic surveys are the science that studies all geographical phenomena, It records all the features and their location on Earth.


We can carry out the following services:

  • Topographical Surveys
  • Laser Scanning 3D & Mobile Mapping
  • Control Networks creation
  • High precision levelling
  • Nett Lettable Areas (GEA, GIA & GIA)
  • Setting out
  • Movement and Deformation Monitoring
  • As built surveys


Laser Scanning 3D, allows the acquisition of large amounts of data per second (millions per data set). It is an asset in the areas of topography, architecture, urban rehabilitation, cartography, archeology, movement monitoring and engineering services. With the support of a LaserScanner 3D technology it is possible to gather high detail of the information captured in surveys with restrictions and limitated access. Through the collection of all information with this technology (or combined with others), the ability to perform 3D modeling becomes possible, effective and reliable.



  • High speed data collection at the field
  • Data high detail
  • Projects budget becomes less expensive
  • Error decreases
  • Productivity increases
  • Reliable data set in a virtual 3D model
  • Reduction of the deadlines