Geographic Information System (GIS)

Our GIS tools have the ability to publish, edit, view and perform web searches. They allow us to use all WEBGIS functionalities, as well as to make them compatible with the main data sources and formats on the market.


We are prepared to provide the following services:

  • Hydraulic resource analysis
  • Land registration projects
  • Forest / Agricultural cadastre projects
  • Infrastructure registration projects
  • Analysis of road networks
  • Analysis of electrical networks / telecommunications
  • Urban planning


Vehicle swept path analysis uses software to perform simulations and predictions on the performance of road traffic flow and circulation under various conditions. With this type of analysis, a high degree of confidence is given when making the best planning decisions in order to maintain the service levels of the road, maximizing the costs vs benefits of each intervention.

Virtual models use GIS and 3D models, forming an integrated tool, to obtain results and produce realistic animations about the behaviour of the road routes under study.