3D Modeling


Laser Scanning 3D

The Laser Scanner 3D technology allows the acquisition of a great amount of points per second (million wise), It’s an asset in the areas of topography, architecture, cartography, archeology, structure monitoring and engineering services. With the Laser Scanner 3D it´s possible to achieve very detailed 3D measurements or where access is difficult.

By collecting all the information with this technology (or combined with others), the ability to perform 3D modeling becomes possible, effective and reliable.

• Site work data collection is faster
• High level of detail can be retrieved
• Projects become more affordable by being cost-effective method
• Reduces errors and increases productivity
• Reliable reproduction of the reality in a virtual 3D model
• Short deadlines can be achieved

SCAN to BIM - Using our Laser Scanning\Surveying equipments and combined with appropriated softwares we can create 3D Models from pointclouds, which can be used in BIM.