Structural Monitoring and Instrumentation


Nowadays, where both public and private structures refurbishment and re-qualification becomes crucial, it’s mandatory to assess the buildings structural reliability.

The Monitoring and Instrumentation activities have an important role in order to measure, in a time scale, the structural behaviour of a building.

Through several equipments, it´s possible to achieve accurate data regarding the geometry, position and conditions of the structures.

The Topography role in this industry is important to obtain reliable data, by using equipments such as Total Stations, GPS antennas, High Precision Digital Levels, Laser Scanner 3D, etc…

It´s also necessary the usage of certain sensors and devices, such as inclinometers, vibration sensors, dust sensors, etc…

The decision of doing construction works in an existing structure will depend of the degradation level, the speed of the degradation, the urban context, the potential risks and hazards for people and goods.

The capture and comparison of “Pictures” (taken at different moments) in a time scale of the structural behaviour of building, becomes important in order to understand the type of actions to adopt.

Because all the structures are different, the level of degradation and the type of hazards, the monitoring approach will be “taylor made”.

From a simple solution to a more complex and integrated solution, we can carry out monitoring projects with frequent visits (adjusted to the project specifications) and supply reports with accurate data in order to support the Project Manager’s decisions.

We can setup an ATS (Automatic Survey Deformation Monitoring System) with the capability to record the observations at the site and broadcast them (in real time through a GSM network) to be displayed at a Website or a mobile device by the relevant parties.


Manual Structural Monitoring
High Precision Instrumentation
High Precision Digital Levelling
Vibration Monitoring
MediDust Monitoring
Noise Monitoring
Verticality Monitoring
Crack Monitoring
Point Cloud Surface Monitoring